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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting guests who have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools.
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Feb 24, 2016

This is an “in-betweenisode” of the All Things Risk Podcast.  Today, I discuss the power of “negative visualisation”.


Show notes:

Commander Chris Hadfield’s cover of the late David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” from the International Space Station -

Commander Hadfield’s book, “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth”:

Great article by Ryan Holiday – “The Stoic Art of Negative Visualisation”

Check out Holiday’s book “The Obstacle is the Way” a very easy-to-grasp guide to stoic principles:


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Feb 16, 2016

In this episode, I speak with Laura Dal Farra.  Laura is an entrepreneur, writer, blogger, traveller/adventurer and Muay Thai practitioner.  Based in Toronto, Canada, Laura runs a site called Milk Blitz Street Bomb which focuses on “where travel and martial arts meet.”  Laura was recently featured in the travel section of  The Toronto Star


In 2006, Laura spent six months in Chiang Mai, Thailand studying the art of Muay Thai.  She got enamoured with how the art was practiced in the country, particularly the purity of the discipline and the humility of many of the practitioners.  She also got a taste for a certain kind of life.


After returning to Canada, Laura decided to make a bold move.  She re-designed her life and moved back to Thailand where she ended up training for over three and a half years.  She first spent a year in Bangkok and then in Buriram in NE Thailand, near the border with Cambodia. In going back to Thailand, that’s when the adventure really began as Laura immersed herself in the Thai culture.  Adventure of course implies challenge, adversity and of course, facing uncertainty.  Through her time in Thailand Laura ended up having a number of wonderful experiences that served This inspired her to create Milk Blitz Street Bomb in which she provides advice, stories and resources to those seeking to follow a similar path.


We have a great conversation and spend time discussing:


•Why Laura started training in Muay Thai and when she first got the idea to spend some time in Thailand;
•The decision to move back to Thailand longer term;
•The challenges associated with living in the country, particularly as a solo female traveler;
•Culture – we spend a lot of time discussing cultural differences and how Laura unpicked the layers of Thai culture – including different way of thinking (Western vs. Easter ways of thinking) and navigating a culture that is quite hierarchical;
•How and why she started Milk Blitz Street Bomb;
•The challenges associated with “re-entry” shock


Laura is very authentic, inspiring and cool.  We have a wonderful conversation that perhaps was a bit too short (which only means that I will have to have her back on the show).  I hope you enjoy it!


Show notes:


•Check out Laura site: or
•Check MBSB on Twitter:
•Laura in the Toronto Star:
•I make mention of the book “The Gift of Fear” at one point: 



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Feb 12, 2016

This is a short "in-betweenisode" in which I share some thoughts about how to train and help ourselves be more fully present to better manage uncertainty.  Normally, the show features long-form conversations but from time to time, I will post shorter, more bite-sized episodes with various thoughts and musings based on the show's themes.

Show notes:

In this show, I reference this article by Faisal Hoque:



Feb 2, 2016

In this episode, I sit down with ultra-endurance cyclist and all-around great guy Martian Cioana.  Martian is known on Strava – a social networking site for cyclists and runners as being a bit of a legend for rides like this:

And this:


Last summer, Martian competed in the Transcontinental Race – a 4,000+ km  one stage race from Belgium, through the French and Italian Alps, across the Balkans, and into Instanbul, crossing the Bosphorpus and into the Asian continent.  It is a throwback to the early days of the Tour de France - a gruelling event with the majority of competitors dropping out at some point.  What is even more amazing was this was Martian’s first ever cycling race.  Martian has pretty much been everywhere in the UK on his bike – often during epic weekend rides.


Is Martian a long-time cyclist with a super-human level of endurance?  No.  Martian slowly built up is ability to ride long distances just a few years ago – all driven by a pure passion for getting on his bike.  Martian is inspiring, friendly and funny.  I love the way looks at cycling and life and his journey can provide anyone with not just inspiration, but great lessons on how to find the same type of joy for yourself  - by embracing the unknown. 


On the show, we talk about:


•When and why Martian moved from his native Romania to London
•How he got into cycling
•How and why he started to do longer and longer rides
•What he feels when he is riding long distances
•Some of his memorable moments cycling across the UK
•Preparing for, and competing in the Transcontinental Race
•Advice to anyone wanting to start out or find something similar to what he has found and done with cycling

Check out Martian on Strava:

Check out the incredible Transcontinental Race:


At the end of the show, I remarked that the John Lennon song “Watching the Wheels” seems to fit Martian’s philosophy perfectly – except he makes the wheels turn rather than watching them!  If it’s been a while (or if you are perhaps too young to have ever heard the song), here it is: 



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