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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting guests who have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools.
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Apr 26, 2016

My guest on today’s show is endurance adventurer Luke Tyburski.  I first came across Luke in a couple of podcasts Ilisten to, saw that he also based in London, and connected with himto do this show.  Luke’s story is amazing and inspiring. Last year, Luke devised, designed, and completed “The Ultimate Triathlon” – a 2000 km adventure from Morocco to Monaco thatinvolved: 1) swimming the Strait of Gibraltar (equal to 400 laps ofa 50m pool), 2) cycling 1,300 kms across the Spanish coast intoFrance (equivalent to the entire length of Britain), and 3) running 14 marathons to Monaco – all done in just 12 days!  

However, this is not just a story of someone who did something epic.  Luke’s approach is a beautiful example of how to take risks, even when things don’t fully work out – as is the case inhis efforts to turn from struggling journeyman footballer tofull-blown professional.

We also discuss his battle with depression.  This is a very real, authentic conversation about this illness. If you or anyoneyou know is struggling with depression, I urge you to have a listento the first 30-40 minutes of this show, as Luke provides a number of wonderful insights. 

From there, we go on to discuss Luke’s training and completion of the Marathon des Sables (MDS) – a great part of the conversation when we tackle the nature of motivation, authenticity, and living life. 

We then get into a number of Luke’s further adventures, leading to the Ultimate Triathlon. 

I thought the conversation was pure gold.  We cover, among many other things:

•Taking risks in life
•Battling depression
•Making sacrifices
•Training for, and running the Marathon des Sables (
•The Brutal Extreme Triathlon (
•The Mount Everest Ultra Marathon
•The Ultimate Triathlon, including:
•The resilience of the body and mind;
•Logistical challenges;
•Dealing with injuries;
•And much more!

Show notes:

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Apr 13, 2016

How much should we, as individual citizens worry about dying from a terrorist attack?  I explore this question with reference to some probabilities in this short episode.

Show notes:

Sam Harris / Dan Carlin "crosscast" "Shouldering the Burden of History" - 

"10 Things More Likely to Kill You Than Islamic Terror" -

"What's many more times deadly than terrorism? Britain's roads" - 


"UK Terror Hysteria Exposed" - 

Apr 5, 2016

My guest on today’s show is writer, poet, book-seller, “newpaperist,” and runner Robert Earl Stewart.  Robert and I,or Bob as I have always known him, go way back. We both grew up in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. In the mid-1980s when we were 13 and 14 years old, he and I created the Role Playing Wrestling Alliance, an amazing, all-consuming game that was at once part Dungeons andDragons, WWE/WWF, and repository of our own intense brand of imaginary violence. The game consumed us for two to three years and in some way, had an influence on each of our professionalpaths. 

This week, Robert has a wonderfully-written article coming outabout our monstrous and fantastic creation in the upcoming issue of Canadian Notes and Queries ( ). In this conversation, we get into that (I think the article hasseveral belly laughs), and we end discussing a range interesting topics, including:

•The RPWA - the game we created and a great example of one of life's "dots" (as made famous by Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford commencement speech) for the both of us;
•The art of story-telling – how to tell a great story
•What makes good writing;
•The media, particularly the newspaper industry – Robert spent several years in newspapers, including a long stint as the editor of a local paper at a time of profound change as the industry moved from print to digital media;
•The dying craft of the “newpaperist"
•Poetry – Robert has had two poetry books published;
•Running – Robert went from needing to see a cardiologist to losing 160 pounds (73 kgs) and running half marathons in the spaceof 1.5 years.  Robert is currently working on a book about running.

It is a fun conversation that I am certain you will enjoy!

Show notes:

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Robert’s first poetry book Something Burned Alongthe Southern Border:

Robert’s second poetry book Campfire RadioRhapsody:

Book recommendation Y.T.:

Book recommendation Exemplary Departures:

Portrait of Robert by Melanie Janisse Barlow (  and



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