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The All Things Risk podcast explores the themes of risk, uncertainty and resilience as applied to sports, the arts, current affairs and just about any other domain. We feature long-form conversations with interesting guests who have loads of fascinating stories, tips and tools.
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Jul 16, 2017

This is a discussion that encompasses technology, health, innovation, the future, and of course risk and uncertainty. It raises a number of fascinating and challenging questions around personal freedom and public protection. Today, we’re talking transhumanism.

My guest is Michele Battle-Fisher. Michele was my guest on episode 20. She is a respected systems theorist, bioethicist and futurist. Michele is an adjunct professor at Wright State University in Ohio, USA.  She is also a co-producer of an upcoming documentary called “Transhuman”. If that rings a bell, it might be because I had Ford Fisher, the documentary’s other co-producer on episode 36 of All Things Risk.

If you listened to that episode, you know that transhumanism is the belief or theory that through technology, we can evolve beyond our mental and physical limitations. It includes things like biohacking, genetic engineering and life extension. It is exciting, but also raises a number of questions and uncertainties.

We explore these in this episode. For instance, if someone wants to hack their body, why should anyone interfere? As you’ll hear, it can get complicated. Michele and I discuss:

  • Transhumanism and personal freedoms;
  • Whether or not these technologies should be regulated, and the constraints that might create for innovation;
  • Unexpected consequences, risks and uncertainties associated with transhumanism;
    • For instance what happens if the body rejects some of the changes to which it may be subjected?;
  • Transhumanism and inequality;
  • "Dark networks" and black market transhumanism;
  • Loads more!

Show notes:

Michele’s webpage:
She has a page dedicated to both the documentary as well as to her book Application of Systems Thinking to Health Policy and Public Health Ethics which is a 2016 Doody’s core title, selected as “essential” to medical knowledge.

Michele on Twitter:

Michele on Linkedin:

Amazon author page:

Transhuman (working Title) webpage: Http://

Transhuman Facebook page -

Commentaries on transhumanism written by Michele:

Episode 20 with Michele

Episode 36 with Ford Fisher


My July 24 evening talk

My July 28 breakfast talk

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Jul 9, 2017

When I started the All Things Risk podcast, I very deliberately stayed away from discussing the risk management profession (which is also my day-to-day profession). This is because I wanted the show to make risk and uncertainty concepts available to everyone. I didn’t want to make a podcast by risk professionals, for risk professionals. Risk isn’t something to be the sole domain of a small group of people with their own jargon and technical language. Risk is all around each and every one of us. As my signature sign-off goes, “risk is life”.

Having said that, there is huge value in discussing the professional practice of risk management – both in terms of understanding some of the ways in which risk people think, as well as observing some of the pitfalls of the profession. This is a discussion that has relevance in our lives and our societies. However, it requires the right risk professional to have it.

This is why my guest on this episode is Alex Sidorenko. Alex is the founder and CEO of The Risk Academy. He is a Russian-born Australian who currently lives in Spain. Alex is an extraordinary guy who, as any excellent risk professional does, thinks and acts counter-intuitively. His insights on how to think about risk and where the risk profession needs to go are profound and have parallels in many other domains.

Our conversation is wide-ranging and I am sure you will enjoy it. We cover:

  • Alex’s background, including moving back to Russia from Australia and applying risk management within the Russian context (and getting some great feedback);
  • Decision-making in large and small organisations;
  • Cognitive biases and how to overcome them;
  • Where the risk profession needs to go – and parallels with other fields;
  • Managing risk in our personal lives


Show notes:

The Risk Academy:

Alex on Twitter

Alex on Linkedin

On YouTube

Article: “Why are People So Afraid of Sharks?”

Thinking Fast, Thinking Slow 


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Jul 4, 2017

In this short inbetweenisode, I discuss how to use the power of “maybe” to set meaningful objectives, and then what how to approach risks to those objectives. I bring a powerful analogy from the world of cycling into the mix.

Show notes:

Chris Boardman:

Chris Boardman 1994 Tour de France Prologue Time Trial:

Haute Route: 

PEST / PESTLE analysis:

When do we have risk?


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